Do you Side Hustle? – 10 Easy Side Hustles

10 Side Hustles You Can Start Today


In my opinion, we all need a side hustle. I wrote about side hustles back in January.  Now we’re half way into the year and I though it would be a good idea to take a look at some more ways to make some extra cash. We all agree life is expensive: whether living on your own or with your family.  You have car, rent payments, bills, insurance and paying off your student loans, all while trying to have a little fun, put aside savings for your next trip and retirement.

If you have a full-time job, but there aren’t any part-time jobs you would want to be seen doing in your city, there are plenty of other ways to earn a little extra on the side. What would you do with an extra $200-$300 each month?

It turns out there is a long list of odd jobs that you can do, many of them without needing to leave the house. The added bonus is that they are easy to sign up for and you decide how much time you want to work! Keep reading to see how you can put aside that vacation money or pay off that loan sooner rather than later.

Side Hustle

Give feedback on your favourite items

Trivia knowledge that could come in handy

Tell people what is in your fridge

Become an Uber driver

Virtual bookkeeping

Find errors in search engines

Bet against yourself while losing weight

Get paid to transcribe

Resume writing

Shop for free, undercover!

Give feedback on your favourite items

Have a knack for giving feedback? Love giving your two cents? Are you the “talker” of the group? This side hustle was made for you! There are companies that want to hear what you have to say. Whether you love fashion or food, electronics or household appliances, get paid to give your opinion.

VipVoice is an option where you can take surveys on your favourite items and earn points. Use those points for prizes and be entered into sweepstakes. Find out how to get involved here.

Is your spare time unpredictable? Filling out surveys is a great way to fill in the time you do have. Check out Asking Canadians. It’s a simple side hustle you can get started today.



Are you a trivia whiz? Ever wondered if you could put that knowledge to good use? Well with an app like QuizXT you can. Answer trivia questions and cash in your winnings through PayPal.

This side hustle let’s you pick it up and make money whenever you want—maybe on the transit to work or on your lunch break—your expertise in sports, entertainment, or history could pay for your next dinner out!


Tell people what’s in your fridge

Sounds too easy, right? Well, it is. The Nielsen Consumer Panel wants to better understand Canadian consumers so they offer rewards and sweepstakes to households who sign up.

With this side hustle all you have to do is sign up and then you will be sent a hand-held scanner. Then scan in your grocery purchases and begin receiving the rewards.Earn big while you unpack the peanut butter and spaghetti sauce by signing up here.


Become an Uber Driver

Do you want a side hustle where you can make your own schedule with flexible hours? Consider being a driver for Uber.

To qualify, you must be 21 years old with a clean driving record, have a valid driver’s license, and pass a background check. Uber will charge a service fee that is taken from your rate charged to the client.

If you love being on the road and meeting new people, this may be the perfect side gig for you.

Virtual Bookeeping

Maybe you don’t have a vehicle, but are great with numbers. Virtual bookkeeping may be something to consider. Don’t worry; you don’t need a CPA to become a bookkeeper. Working with small businesses virtually gives you the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home.

Still uncertain how to get started? Ben Robinson offers a course in Virtual Bookkeeping to prepare you. Now polish up your number crunching skills and start your hustle!


Finding Errors in Search Engines

Have an eye for mistakes? And savvy on the Internet? Get paid to clean up search engines with Lionbridge.

As effective as search engines are, they aren’t always correct, and need real people to check for errors. Work from anywhere in the world you’d like and get paid for your attention to detail with this side hustle.


Betting Against yourself while losing weight

Sticking to a fitness regime can be difficult without the right motivation. Wish you could get paid for all of those gym workouts and healthy meals you have been eating? Now you can by betting on yourself with sites like HealthyWage to win cash.

How does this side hustle work? Make a bet, win the bet, and get paid. It’s that easy! You no longer have to give up your fitness goals for a second job—you can earn while you workout.


Getting Paid  Transcribe

Are you quick on the keyboard and have great listening skills? Consider a side hustle in transcribing. Create your own hours and decide what workload you are comfortable with.

Seems easy enough, but this work requires great attention to detail and the audio may not always be perfect quality. If interested, there is a long list of sites where you can sign up to do transcribing.


Resume Writing

Were you always the one editing group papers in school? Are you the go-to person for your friends and family when it comes to making something sound good and professional? Well put those skills to work with this side hustle by helping others write their resume.

Places like Resume Edge and WriterBay connect writers and clients to help write professional resumes.


Shop for free, Undercover

This is the ultimate side hustle for most people! Always dreamed of working as an undercover agent? Being a mystery shopper may just be the perfect weekend job to earn some extra money.

Mystery shoppers help evaluate a store on things like customer service and cleanliness. Sign up and receive emails with assignments. The great part is that there is no obligation, just choose the ones you are interested in and have time for.

These side hustles allow you to make your own schedule and hours. They are great if you are looking to make some extra cash. They are also great ideas if you know your hours are getting cut back seasonally, you want to get that bigger TV or you have 7 weddings to go to this summer. Weddings are awesome but they are expensive!

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who Hustle.”
― Abraham Lincoln

 What other unique or flexible side hustles have you come across? Tell us about it. We love hearing from you!

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