Time Management Hacks to Crush Your Day

Time Management Hacks to Crush Your Day

I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a bit of trouble with time management. I am getting better each day, but I really have to discipline myself, but I guess that is the key to developing any new habit. Thankfully, I was able to find a ton of information and I’ve listed them as time management hacks to crush your day. There are a bunch of examples of regular people like you and me who have successfully adopted “time management hacks” that we can learn from and formulate for our own lives. Take a few minutes to read and see what hacks resonate with you and you could adopt in your life! Since Sprout is community oriented and we always have the other readers in mind, comment below. In the comment section below, share your experiences or hacks that would help other readers succeed at time management.

Time Management Hacks to Crush Your Day

Deal with it once Plan the best time of the day for each task Just say “no” Complete each task before starting another one Know when to stop

Deal with it once

Many tasks come our way every day from work, home and anywhere in between. There are many things “to do”. A great time management hack is to make a list in a notebook, or use a management system like Asana. Prioritize which tasks are most important to accomplish that day. Prioritize the ones you can do in a couple of days. Then make a list of the “maybe I’ll get to it later.” Lastly, tag the ones that really aren’t important to do at all, or have no need of a definite timeline. Once it is prioritized you know when and how you want to do the task, then just do it! For all of your who get 100 emails a day like myself, emails are a time killer! You need to control your emails or it doesn’t matter what time management hack you use you’ll fail. No more re-reading emails. If you open it, read it, ACTION IT! You either respond, delete or archive it. Archiving is the practice of putting it into an organized folder so you can access it later. If you follow those rules, “respond, delete or archive” you will always have our inbox clean.

Plan the best time of day for each task

Some tasks require a level of awake-ness and mental clarity more than others. Other tasks are time of day sensitive for various reasons. If you have kids, certain tasks might be harder to do once they get home from school. For some of us, the energy factor is huge! I will use my own life as an example. There is a writing project I am working on. It is a high-level priority in general. Then it is also time of day sensitive, because I am most clear headed at night for some reason. My second option is early morning, but not so much between late morning and late afternoon. A time management hack I use for this is I don’t work on that project during those “not so hot” hours. If I did it means that I am wasting my time. It takes me longer to focus. I seem to be plagued by writers’ block and naturally, because of my current life schedule, I have more relational interruptions. During those “not so hot” hours, I do things that come second nature and I can bust out quickly. I do things that don’t take a lot mental focus. So I’m still getting things done on my list and I feel productive! Win-win.

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Just say no

Time management hack from the great Warren Buffett. “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” Warren Buffett, American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Very wise words from THE MAN, Warren Buffet! It is hard to get things of value done, that will move our lives forward if we are saying “Yes” to too many things. In our day in age, we impress each other with how much we are doing, instead of the quality of what we are doing. The thing that really matters for the long-haul is quality. Quality over quantity. Saying “No” to most things is the most important time management hack that will help you crush everything you have set out to accmomplish.

Complete each task before starting another one

This time management hack is a must for beginners and some novice. NO MORE MULTITASKING. I know you’ve heard a ton about multitasking but stop. To do everything at once, is to accomplish nothing at all and that is the problem with multitasking. You end up trying to do many things at once and you don’t finish anything. Pick one thing to do at a time. Block out the other options until you’re done. Systematically, approach each task till it is done. Only stop if you need to a break (no stopping, in order to work on something else). Set a time limit for the break and then finish up the task. This system allows you to get each task done a lot quicker. Multitasking tricks you into thinking, you are getting more done. However, you’re really just prolonging all of those tasks. At Sprout we use the Pomodoro technique throughout our day. It set up your day in sprints. Doing this helps you be able to focus easier and better, you have mandatory breaks (every heard of that?) and it keeps your mind fresh for problem solving. There are a ton of benefits to using it if you are a busy person with a lot of things on your plate. Check it out here.

Know when to stop

Highly successful people don’t work themselves till they feel like they want to drop dead. This time management hack is a sleeper. Most people think you need to work until you pass out and are exhausted. That’s short-sited and a recipe for getting “burnt-out.” Founder and former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, consistently left work at 6:30 despite any of the drama or fires that would try to flare up, even as the day was ending. As he wrote in his book, High Output Management, “My day ends when I’m tired and ready to go home… There is always more to be done, more that should be done, always more than can be done.” The truth is, when we realize that work (whether home or office) will never stop, we can better talk ourselves into NOT being work-a-holics. It is kind of an illusion or wishful thinking, to believe we will be able to get everything done, because there is always more to do tomorrow.

These time management hacks will help you feel more productive, slow life down for you and will get you on track to get more done. Feel better, enjoy everything more and have a plan everything day?… sounds good to me.

“Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.” ― Alan Lakein

Remember that when you are trying something new try one thing at a time. Once you’ve mastered one of the time management hacks above then move onto the next one. In a short few weeks you’ll be amazed at how in control you are and how much time you’ve gained!  Let us know if any time management hacks that work for you! Comment Below.

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