Goal Setting – 6 Must Dos To Get It Right

Goal Setting: 6 Things to Get it Right 


Goal setting is a hot topic. It seems we are all being encouraged to set goals in every area of our lives: personal, health, financial, career, relationship, and education. Setting goals helps us to look to the future, make choices on the things we want, the way we want them to be and it provides a road map for us to follow.

If we don’t have goals we feel lost in the crowd, unaccomplished, and unfocused. Without goals, how can we measure results? How can we know how far we’ve come? The society we live in is focused on results and you should be too. With an entire industry of planners, tools, apps, and templates that offer different versions of goal setting, it can be an overwhelming process.

The pressures of tracking progress and actions that lead to tangible results can leave you feeling defeated. Is goal setting really worth the time and effort? At times, it feels easier to not set goals at all, no longer having to worry about whether or not you have met targets.

But could there be something to gain from goal setting? Maybe it doesn’t have to be a dreaded process, but something that is enjoyable and creates value in our lives. Goal setting can become a tool that we use to focus our attention and clarify our wants. Let’s look at 6 things that are key to make your goal setting a fruitful process.


Turning Dreams into Reality

Focusing your Attention

Celebrating Progress

Harnessing Motivation

Creating Cohesive Goals

One size doesn’t fit all


Turning Dreams into Reality

The first reason goal setting is beneficial is that it allows you to turn your dreams into a reality. Before taking action, you have to figure out what it is you are working towards—ask yourself a couple questions: What is your ideal lifestyle? What experiences do you want to have? Once you know this, your goals can follow. Goal setting can be a tool to create the life you always imagine.
Goal setting is useful for the new graduate that dreams of one day owning their own house or the young professional that wants to travel the world, no strings attached. Once you have that dream chosen, setting short- and long-term goals are the stepping-stones to get there.


Focusing your Attention

Now that you have your ideal lifestyle set out in front of you, setting goals allows you to focus on immediate action items. These immediate actions are your short-term goals. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with not reaching the ‘big picture’, focus on what you can do right now to get there. You ask yourself “what can I do today, and in the next three months, to step closer to my ideal lifestyle?”

The new graduate who wants to someday buy a house knows that paying off their student loan is the first step to saving for a down payment. The individual who wants to travel the world has to first decide where they want to go so they know how much they need to save.


Celebrating Progress

Another way goal setting creates value is adding celebration to our lives. With our short-term goals in focus, we put our attention to the present. As we set and meet our short-term goals, we have the opportunity to celebrate our progress. It can be easy to lose track of how far we have really come; however, if we are goal setting and meeting milestones it is an opportunity to recognize our accomplishments.

After six months the graduate pays off 25% of their loan so they celebrate with a dinner out with friends. The person who loves travel saves enough to book their first plane ticket!


Harnessing Motivation

Having a clear motivation or intention behind our actions is another benefit of the goal setting process. If we know what the bigger picture is (our ideal lifestyle) then we understand our motivation for doing something, which then fuels our passion for reaching our goals.

The new graduate, who wants to buy a home to raise a family or to use as a rental property, knows what they are working towards. So when choosing to put away savings instead of going on expensive vacations, the decision is easy because their end goal is clear. Saving to travel the world makes eating out and buying clothes not as important; items for travelling are a priority.


Creating Cohesive Goals

Knowing how goals from different areas of your life fit together is another rewarding aspect of goal setting. With the ideal lifestyle in mind, short- and long-term goals can be set for our education, health, career, and relationships in a way that brings them all together.

Our new graduate knows that their goals in career will help them to buy a house, while the personal goal of travelling may not be priority right now. The individual who wishes to travel the world values experience and sees how their personal and relationship goals tie into their ideal lifestyle.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All 

While the process of setting and tracking goals may feel daunting, there is incredible value in taking that first step. We need to try out different methods, make mistakes, and be open to personalizing the process. What works for one person may not be ideal for the next.
Goal setting can set us up to dream big and turn that long-term vision into manageable, bite-size pieces. Goal setting allows us to search for that internal motivation to fuel our choices. Goal setting can be a way to celebrate the different milestones in our lives and is an opportunity to tie our different goals together.
Maybe becoming clear on what we really want is the most difficult part but once that step is taken, goal setting is a crucial component in getting there.


Goal setting can be a strange & uncomfortable process at first. Just remember that you can change your goals anytime. They aren’t set in stone. They are there to give you a road map and markers as you go. Use the list above when you go to set your goals to make sure you don’t miss anything. Revisit your goals every few weeks and adjust accordingly. If what you want has changed then change our goals, the important thing is to set those goals 🙂


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
― Tony Robbins


Tell us about what goals you are working on, problems you’re having sticking to your goals or anything & everything in between. If we can help, we will!

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