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Busy Mindset


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There’s a stigma plaguing our society and it’s the busy mindset. It’s almost a badge of honour to mention how busy you are to someone. We’re all so busy with work, friends, game of thrones and whatever other thing we believe it the most important thing in the world. Despite the stigma it’s imperative that we take time from our busy lives and take a break. Having a busy mindset can help us achieve many things but above all else we need balance for long-term success. 


Busy Mindset

What do I mean “Busy Mindset?”

Our research shows that most Millennials have between 1-2 hours of free time everyday. How busy are you each and everyday? Do you have a busy mindset? Being busy is good, feeling productive and getting things done is part of having a healthy mental state. There is a time when you can be too busy though.

If you constantly feel like there’s a never ending to-do list you may be at risk of getting burnt out. You need to make sure you prioritize having some time to yourself to reflect and unwind each day. Check out our post on How To Set Goals & Get It Right.

It’s hard to make good financial decisions if we are constantly running on the rat wheel, take a break. When we get too busy it’s also hard to keep track of all our accomplishments. We focus on that neverending to-do list and don’t celebrate the small wins that tell us we’re doing good. Take time to feel the small wins.

Do you improve yourself or relax during your free time?

We have 1-2 hours of free time each day, what do you do during your free time? I think there has to be a balance of self improvement coupled with rest and relaxation. Both of those can be very different for each individual person who has a busy mindset and one who doesn’t. It’s a good idea to pick one thing that you can improve about yourself and pick at least one way you can relax. It might sound funny, but if you have a busy mindset you need a go to way to relax. When you have a busy mindset it can be difficult to turn your mind off.

If you’ve never done this start with something easy. Whenever you’re starting something new, make sure you set small achievable goals. This way you will get used to accomplishing your goals and gain momentum to keep going. It’s not about achieving one huge thing, it’s all about consistently achieving small things that eventually lead to a large thing.

Now you may think it’s easy to relax but studies show that because we’re always on our phones we’re not really giving our brains a break which can cause us to stress more and not sleep as well. Try planning something to do outside and without the use of your phone. It doesn’t have to be a whole day, a solid 30 minutes will give yourself and your busy mindset the much needed break you deserve. Taking a break from your phone is a difficult thing to do so make sure you turn off the sound so you don’t get pulled back in.

Another bonus benefit from taking this approach and giving your mind a break is that if you’re trying to solve a problem you’ll probably come up with the answer while you’re relaxing. The brain is funny that way.

Experiment You Can Try

Pick one thing that you can improve about yourself and schedule 30 mins three times per week to start. If you don’t know how to improve yourself a simple Google or Youtube search will get you a ton of places to start!

If you don’t have time because you’re so busy start with this one. It helps foster your attitude of gratitude. Every morning right after you wake up (don’t reach for your phone), open your eyes and say thanks for 3 things. It can be any 3 things! Thanks for my comfy pillow, thanks for my sweet bed, thanks for ear plugs! Anything.

Pick one way you can relax for 30 minutes three times per week. A great way I found to break away and relax is to use comedy. I jump on Youtube and find myself some stand-up comedy to watch. Trust me, 30 minutes will fly by when your laughing uncontrollably and that will be 30 minutes where you weren’t stressed out or thinking about anything else!

The Point

It’s not bad to have a busy mindset but we need to remember to plan things in our lives that give us a break. We plan everything else out so why not plan a break? You need balance to be your best self and finding time with the simple experiments I gave you above is a great place to start. To learn more about yourself and the way your mind works check out our series on money personalities. You might just learn something new about yourself 🙂

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