7 Travel Hacks to Save You Money

7 Travel Hacks to Save You Money


Summer time is here! Summer is by far my favourite season of the year. The days are longer, you drive with the windows down and the tunes up and of course it’s vacation time! For some of you “planners” everything is already booked and ready to go, good stuff! For others, you might not have made concrete plans yet and good thing because after you read all of our travel hacks your going to save some money big money on your trip!

7 Travel Hacks to Save You Money

Use Travel Search Sites to Find the Best Deal

Pack Light

Weigh Your Bags

House over Hotel

Kids Can Earn Miles Too

Farmer’s Markets

Don’t Take the Best Room


Use Travel Search Sites to Find the Best Deal

Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity I’m sure you’ve heard of all of these. Using these sites to pin down the best deal is the first travel hack. You may have a preference of which or maybe you don’t. Either way the best travel hack I’ve found for flights is Skyscanner , have you guys ever tried skyscanner.com? This place is a wonderland of flight deals! I always save the most money on this site as they literally SCOUR the web for the deepest discounts. Over recent years my savings per flight has been $50-$200. Saving money is a great way to start your trip planning.

Here are three travel hacks to saving even more using skyscanner.com:

  1. If your able to leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday prices are dramatically discounted.
  2. In whatever city you are flying into, try to fly into the largest airport. That tends to save you a bit of money overall.
  3. Taking advantage of connecting flights can save you a huge chunk of change too, if you are not in a hurry to get to your destination you’ll save some dollars.

Pack Light

If you’re not a seasoned back-packer then this travel hack will be tough the first time. It’s really too bad that airlines are starting to charge for everything. You can hardly get free water anymore and more and more airlines are charging to check a bag. Depending on the airline sometimes you get one bag free and other ones charge you right off the bat. Be careful with your carry-on too. I had a friend who brought a carry on that was too large but they didn’t say anything when he left. Then on the return, he was trying to board the plane and they wouldn’t let him on with that bag. He had to check it! To make matters worse, they charged him full price!

If you  absolutely need more than you can fit on a carry-on then ok. But if you really don’t, get a good carry-on and just bring what you need! If two people can share a suitcase, that will cut down on the fees to.

Feel like your drowning it debt? Click Here


Weigh your bags

For those of you who are shop-a-holics, everywhere you go you come back with more clothes and more crap. Bringing a travel scale is a great travel hack to save you money and save you from buying more than you can bring back. If you don’t weigh your bags before you get to the airport be prepared to get creative, leave something behind or you may have to pay an extra fee. If you go over the max weight you have a few options.

  1.  Start putting on clothes – Better if they don’t see you doing that.
  2. Put the heavy stuff in your carry-on – They usually don’t weigh it.
  3. Try and sell your crap – Ok this one is far fetched but it’s an option.


House over Hotel

This travel hack can save you hundreds of dollars. You’d think that hotels would start to be a little more competitive, with all the home vacation rental sites available but they usually aren’t. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or family try to rent a house or an apartment. I’ve used Airbnb and VRBO and I’ve had great experiences with both.

What I love about using these places for my travel hacking is breaking up where we stay. When we went to London, England we stayed in 3 different places in 7 days. You might think it’s a pain to switch places but it’s not when you’re traveling light (see travel hack #1). We planned out the areas and sights we wanted to see and we booked places in those areas. We went to one place and saw everything in 2 days, then we moved on. It was a fresh experience each time and it also cuts down on your travel time within the city.


Kids Can Earn Travel Points Too

If you’re travel hacking so should your kids! A great travel hack is to sign your children up for travel points. Melissa Kurman, an editor at Frommer’s who blogs about travel at theplaygoundblog.com. In her blog, she recommends using frequent flyer programs by signing up your kids for their own accounts. She signed up her now 12-year-old boy for his account when he was just 3. “One day I looked down and he had 25,000 miles, and we got a free trip,” she says.


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Farmer’s Markets

Here is a great travel hack that you can thank me for later. Farmer’s Markets tend to lower their price of food towards the end of the day. So if you want to save some money and do some shopping save it until later in the day. Shopping at these markets is fun too. There is usually lots of food options, tons of cool things to look at and it’s always a great place for people watching. It’s a win-win.


Don’t Take The Best Room

Our final travel hack is a good one. I don’t know about you, but I tend to be drawn to the most lavish room options available. When you’re looking at how awesome the room looks and you try to justify how well worth it would be to have a room like that. However, once I come out of fantasy land I begin to ask myself some questions. “How much time am I actually going be in the room?”, “Do I need a room with a view?” “Are all the amenities, such as a pool and fitness room really that important?”

The answers to the questions above are, “not a lot,” “it’s nice but not necessary because of answer number one,” and “they are nice but you could spend the money doing something better.” To save money you don’t have to get the most basic room available but stay away from booking the most expensive one. Next time when you go to check-in ask them if you can get a free upgrade, you might be able to get a better room for free!


If you use these travel hacks I’m sure you’re going to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The best thing to do is keep track of the money you are saving when you make these decisions and think of other cool excursions, mini-trips or experiences you can have with that money while you’re on your trip. I believe that experiences are better than material goods so saving money with these travel hacks will give you the opportunity to have way more awesome experiences on your trip.

“Ones destination is never a place but always a new way of seeing things” ― Henry Miller

Remember these travel hacks next time your planning your trip and tell us about the great savings you find. We’d love to hear all about your own travel hacks too! Comment Below.


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