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Best Place for Millennials to live in Canada 2018

Best Place for Millennials to Live in Canada 2018

As we (Millennials) look at where we should plant some roots, we have to consider many variable. What cities will be the best for us? We need help knowing the best place for Millennials to live. Different from other generations before us, we have different tastes, amibitions & we’re non-compromising. We are willing to work hard for something that challenges us, has a social cause and that gives us a chance to show our strengths. When it comes to the city though, What type of things are we looking for?

Quality of employment

Affordable Housing

Life-Work Balance


Fun Activities




Quality of Employment

A few things we want to make sure when it comes to our employment. Ofcourse we want to get paid a lot of money, but that shouldn’t be your only criteria. Look at the culture of the place you are going to work at. Is it a boiler room atmosphere where it’s dog eat dog and you have to produce? Do they incentivise you to work harder with just money or do they offer opportunities to get extra courses & certificates or other career development opportunities?

Affordable Housing

Depending on what stage you are in your life you’re either looking to rent or to buy. You may be looking to move with your partner so you both need to look at what your priorities are and how much you want to commit to your housing budget. There are things you want to keep in mind when choosing where to live. Is it close to transit? If you’re going to a big city it may not make sense for you to drive to work so take a good look at the time it would take to get to work using subway, bus or bike trails. How close is a grocery store? We need to eat and a sure fire way to blow your budget is to not be close to a grocery store. The closer is it, whether you are driving, walking or using transit will make a difference in your budget. You will go there more often if it’s not a hassle to get there

Life-Work Balance

This goes hand in hand with the culture of your employer & what stage you are in your career. You want to find out, preferably from other people working at the company, if the employer really values Life-Work balance. You can also look at their policies when it comes to sick days, personal days & vacation days. If they are missing any of those, that’s not a good sign. Another good way to see if they offer balance is do they offer time in-lieu. So if you work extra hours can you take those hours off at a later date.


Important to some & not to others is what’s going on once the sun goes down. What’s the vibe in the city? What vibe are you looking for? This is completely personal preference but if you’re planning on working hard, look for places that give you outlets to play hard. Clubs, Bars & retaurants are classic things to look for. Ask around about night markets, street performances and cafes that are busy after the sun goes down.

Leisure Activities

Being huge fans of nature we look for ways to get out of the concrete jungle and get some fresh air. Look for provincial or national parks near by, places to hike or ride your bikes. Many cities of late have made huge improvements to their bike lanes & look for beachces and harbours where you could have beach fires with friends or find some great fresh seafood. Whether you’re a foodie, adventurer or sports enthusiast do your homework and figure out what there is to do in the city.


For the most part, Canada is a safe country but you still want to look into what types of services are offered and how safe the city is from a statisical stand point. You want to see what the government of that city also does to promote safety across the city.

Place to Flourish

These are just some things you want to look at when making the decision of where to settle down. Don’t just think the largest & most popular cities are where you need to go. When looking for the best place for Millennials to live truth be told none of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa or Calgary, made the top three on the list below. While 7 of the top 10 best cities for millennials have a population of under 500,000.

Check out the best places for Millennials to live in Canada. We came across this great article with some great stats (we all love stats) that we know you’ll love from They dive into the Top 5 Best Places for Millennials to live, Top 5 Least Desirable Places for Millennials to live and they have an interactive tools to play around with. Check it out. Click here.

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”
― Kerri Russell

Tell us about the places where you live or have lived? What’s the must dos and must not dos in your city? Comment Below.

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